About Us

Developments in communication and technology shape and direct human life. Public relations and publicity, which are based on communication skills and knowledge, have become an area of ​​increasing importance in recent years with the ability to apply appropriate communication strategies and provide effective communication with target audiences. In parallel, the need for manpower trained in the field is increasing day by day.

The Public Relations and Publicity program, which started to recruit students in the 2017-2018 academic year, aims to contribute to the knowledge in the field and to meet the qualified workforce needs in the field.

In the Public Relations and Publicity Department, students; It is aimed to present a training program to analyze, interpret the current "communication" era and the changes experienced and develop strategies for the situation. Within this framework, within 8 semesters, students will be offered both theoretical and applied lessons related to basic sciences and communication and public relations.

As public relations professionals who successfully complete the program, can think analytically and solution-oriented, researcher, have a high awareness-raising capacity, are creative, have a sense of social responsibility, are sensitive to ethical values, are useful to the field and society, can follow current trends and adapt them to their fields of work. They can work in various units of organizations such as public relations, promotion, strategic communication, corporate communication, human resources, social media and marketing communication.